We're for nature


Some people are for infinite growth. Some are for populating Mars. We’re for nature. From sand to sky, the friendly trees and the scary beasts. The lone wolf and the pod. We’re for sunshine naps, and nocturnal wandering. Prey drive, maternal instincts, and the wood wide web. We’re for conservation and biodiversity. Because we think the environment is pretty neat and want to spend our efforts to help it thrive. We think everything we do should put the environment firstingredients harvested without harm, packaged without waste, and totally amazing.  


Our Story

Have you ever noticed how a scent can transport you? Remind you of someone special, a trip you took, your favourite sunny knoll or the ocean breeze? Us too. That's what we love about using quality skincare products. Yet we started to feel guilty about the toxic ingredients used and the single-use packaging destined for a landfill. We want our sensory pleasing moisturizer and we also want to be an ally to the environment. So, we designed packaging that could take on a second life. We sourced the best natural ingredients that create a wow. And we use essential oils, never fragrances, to create scents that take you back. We hope that Kōv helps you stay wild. 


We believe in the power of nothing 

That means nothing to worry about. No additives. No artificial scents. And no bullshit. Just the world’s best natural skincare ingredients, harvested without harm, packaged without waste.


Responsibly sourced, completely natural, and totally amazing

Kōv is peace of mind. We work with fair trade suppliers to source the best organic, biodynamic and responsibly harvested wild skincare ingredients. We don’t use preservatives or chemicals. If we can’t pronounce it, it’s not in the bottle.


Go easy on the earth

Be part of the solution. We think our bottles are beautiful and are designed to live a long and happy life with you through our refill program or by giving them a second life in your home. Learn more here.


Keep nature natural

We think nature is amazing and we want to keep it that way. Through 1% for the Planet we give back to environmental organizations that conserve habitats for marine life. We’re excited to partner with Raincoast Conservation, a fantastic organization that uses peer-reviewed science and community engagement to protect the lands, waters and wildlife of coastal British Columbia. 


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