Glacial Clay Cleansing Mask


What's the secret to luminous skin?

Packed with anti-inflammatory and calming properties, the Glacial Clay Cleansing Mask is a deep-cleaning, hydrating and skin-tightening phenomenon. Clinically proven to boost collagen production by 70% and diminish oil and sebum by 95%, after just one use. Inclusive to all skin types. So what's the secret to luminous skin this fall? A glacial facial twice weekly for velvety smooth skin.

The convergence of mountains and ocean creates a mineral-rich nutritive clay that leaves your face silky smooth. Responsibly sourced with zero ecological footprint, our mask will leave your face feeling like it was just bathed in a pristine British Columbian fjord. Seriously.

Captured in a reusable jar. When you're ready, peel off the label to give your jar another life! Each jar contains 10-11 masks

Ingredients: 100% Canadian glacial oceanic clay

Directions: Mix 1 tbsp of clay with 1 tsp of water until creamy. Apply to face. Relax and enjoy the amazing sensation of doing nothing at all for 15-20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Or use as a spot treatment.

Net wt 125g, reusable glass jar

Customer Reviews

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Allison Harbin
Amazing Mask!

I love this mask - it's easy to apply, and you can feel right away the cooling effect on the skin. Very easy to wash off as well. My face was super soft after using it - I'm making this part of my regular skin care routine!

The Best!!

I rarely integrate things into my "skincare routine" as I'm a firm believer in simplicity. However after trying a sample of the mask it became incredibly clear that this was something that was effortlessly clean, simple and pertinent for my continued skin health. Instantly bought two more jars so I can use every week!

Christina N.
a must if you breakout on your period

I have sensitive dry skin and most masks that aren't my typical few go tos break me out or make my face red. What stood out to me about this mask is my skin felt even better the next day and I could see my skin improving the 3 days following carrying on with my usual routine. I always get acne outbreaks around my period and this has helped keeping them calm and reduced the bumpiness/size making them go away much faster and reduced my urge of picking.

Karin S
it's good to be green

love that it's lightweight, easy to mix & apply. I'm a new customer so have just used it twice. but it washes off easily & my skin feels great after using.

H Poole

Smells like the ocean, what a treat to use! So gentle and yet it pulls out all the impurities, never loved a mask more. My mom has super sensitive skin (everything makes her break out in a rash) and she’s even able to use it

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