When was the last time you plunged into the ocean?

The cold, salty water, a shocking reminder of nowness.

That ocean blue glass bottle that lives in your bathroom isn't just a refreshing cleanser, but a teleportation device to that moment.

The lotion from the ocean

Made with one of nature's best hydrating ingredients, kelp.

Produced in small batches to retain bioactive ingredients, this lotion from the ocean is fast absorbing and soothing for your skin.

Closing the loop

Packaged in reusable glass with refill options so you can feel good that your skin care routine means one less package ends up in the ocean.

Do you know where your clay mask is from?

Our clay is sourced only from British Columbia, Canada and nowhere else. It is accessible for harvest twice a year with very strict governmental, environmental and community guidelines. 

The oceanic glacial clay is naturally fortified by phytoplankton, and steeped in ocean tides leaving a mineral-rich clay constantly refreshed by the ocean

We're for nature

Everything we do puts the environment first. Ingredients harvested without harm, packaged without waste and totally amazing.